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Siebel is an application for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Siebel supports different industry applications (Pharma, Finance, Communications). Typical Siebel applications areas are call center applications, sales and marketing, field service, campaign management, customer management.

Siebel includes a large number of functional modules and tools, including:

  • EIM (data load utility)
  • SSSE (Siebel Server Sync for Exchange)
  • Tools (Siebel developer tools)


Siebel Systems, Inc. was founded by Thomas Siebel and Patricia House in 1993. On September 12, 2005, it was announced that Oracle Corporation agreed to buy Siebel Systems for $5.8 billion. The transaction was concluded on 1 June 2006.


Siebel applications has a 3-tier architecture consisting of the following components:

  • Siebel Application Server
  • Siebel Web Server Extensions
  • Database Server

Supported operating systems[edit]

Siebel is available on different operating systems, including:

Supported databases[edit]

Siebel supports multiple database platforms, including:

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